About Us
The Office of Management and Budget is responsible for the development, preparation, and monitoring of the City’s annual budget. This department is also responsible for providing internal audit services and operational views for City departments. The Department is responsible for the following functions:
  • The Strategic Planning function is responsible for the creation and implementation of the City’s business plan, capital improvements plan, annual budget and balanced scorecard and strategic planning process.
  • The Management and Administration function provides leadership in the finance, purchasing, and budget departments. Areas of overlap between OMB and finance include the external audit and cost allocation reports. Areas of overlap between OMB and purchasing include account analysis and overbudget account analysis.
  • The Internal Audit function is responsible for special projects requested by the Mayor, the City Council and other City departments as the need arises throughout the year. Internal audit also does regularly planned reviews of cash, inventory and internal controls throughout the year.
  • The Labor Relations function is responsible for financial labor relation’s issues with the City’s three unions. Every year OMB is asked to generate a schedule for differing union payment scenarios in contract negotiations with union representatives.
  • The Performance Improvement function is responsible for financial analysis, benchmarking studies, performance improvement studies. The Balance Scorecard Process mentioned in the Strategic Planning function above also serves as the management tool for Citywide and departmental performance improvement.
  • The Revenue Maximization function has been expanded with the advent of tax reform and its implications on the City’s finances. This function seeks to identify areas of revenue enhancement throughout the City.
  • The Investment Management function is responsible maximizing the return on investment for the City’s assets and as a result includes the hiring of an investment manager, and the maintenance of the City’s investment policy and review of quarterly results. 
  • The Debt Issuance and Management function is responsible for monitoring of the City’s debt portfolio and the issuance of loans and bonds for capital improvement projects.
  • The Property Management function is responsible for the management, leasing and maintenance of city owned facilities. These facilities include apartment buildings, dental clinic, Technological Center and Farmers Market.
  • The Purchasing Division is responsible for all aspects of the City’s centralized procurement process. Its objective is to acquire needed goods and services as efficiently and as inexpensively as possible, while assuring fair and equal opportunity to all qualified vendors. The Purchasing Division’s primary function is to assist other City Departments in their procurement efforts, securing materials and services, which meet necessary standards. It concurrently monitors all procurement to ascertain compliance with applicable laws.
  • The City of Hialeah Purchasing Division also is responsible for the annual auction, which disposes of surplus, functional properties. To register on the mailing list for our public auctions please contact the division at (305) 883-5865.The Purchasing Division also furnishes potential businesses with the appropriate applications necessary in order to become eligible vendors with the City. Applications can be downloaded by clicking the following link; vendor applications.  
To inquire or request contract documents, specifications, and proposal forms for current bids, please contact the Purchasing Division at (305) 883-5846. To inquire about the results on opened bids, please contact the City Clerk’s office at (305) 883-5820.